JCP latest news

Mission #1 accomplished

We are absolutely delighted to announce that sales of the 2nd JCP have exceeded all of our expectations. We are now in a position to :

1. Pay our printer.

2. Pay £250 to Wrexham AFC in respect of a season’s sponsorship of Joe Clarkes shirt.

3. Pay £50 in VAT to Mr Osborne in respect of the aforementioned transaction.

As you can see JCP is not only supporting our club but is also breathing life back into the flatlining British economy.

Many thanks to the Wrexham family for supporting this venture. We would also like to thank Joe Clarke, Geraint Parry and the Wrexham programme sellers who helped us out with change.

We believe that transparency feeds enthusiasm and full financial details for JCP will be posted regularly on the JCP website.

Currently we have one obligation to meet – a half page sponsorship in the excellent WAFC handbook.

Once that has been discharged we will invite our readers to choose our next sponsorship target.

Once again, many thanks from all at JCP


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