The Joe Clarke Five … part 2

They played for their country:

In honour of Joslain Mayebi’s call up to the Cameroon squad for their match against the Cape Verde Islands, we thought we’d draw up our list of favourite Wrexham international footballers.

These players were considered to be the very best in their country … but who were the best players to have won an international cap whilst wearing the famous red shirt of Wrexham? Which of our very own world renowned players made it into the Joe Clarke Five?

These are our choices, but feel free to disagree!

1. Joey Jones
It seems silly to have a list about our international players without including this Wrexham legend. He won 29 of his 72 caps whilst playing for Wrexham and it speaks volumes that Joey is considered a Welsh legend by fans of all clubs, not just this mighty fine club of ours.

2. Barry Hunter
Contrary to speculation Barry Hunter was actually a cracking centre half. He was also the first Wrexham player to be capped by a country other than Wales. He also made us £400,000 when we sold him to Reading. Yep, football is a funny old game as some washed up, drunken former player once said.

3. Brian Lloyd
Following an injury to Everton’s Dai Davies, Brian was called up to the Wales squad for the European Championships qualifier against Austria. Not only did Brian keep a clean sheet in the match, but he designed the match programme’s front cover – now how many other internationals can lay claim to such a piece of graphic design based mastery.

4. Kieron Durkan
Not everybody’s favourite Wrexham player, and perhaps not srictly an international player as his Republic of Ireland appearances came at under 21 level but JCP will forever remember Kieron for his goal against Ipswich in the FA Cup and then the goal which gave Wrexham the lead against Manchester United at Old Trafford in the fourth round.

5. Dennis Lawrence
JCP’s intelligentisia were horrified when Big Den became the latest in a long line of Flynnidadians to land at the Racecourse. Until we witnessed Dennis’ Bambi-esque defending we hadn’t hidden behind a cushion since Tom Baker was attacked by the Daleks in 1979.
However, the improvement in Dennis’ performances was incredible as he went from a figure of fun to cult hero. Dennis is also the first Wrexham player to appear at the World Cup and deserves is place on the list for that reason alone!


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