Where is the love?

Wrexham score a consolation goal against Lincoln City

Wrexham score a consolation goal against Lincoln City

When does a team earn the right to have an off day?

We ask this question after the Lincoln City debacle. Having racked up a dozen games without defeat we finally came up against a side that had our measure. You were there and saw what happened, it wasnt great to watch and the players themselves knew it.

However, if the team had an off day then we, as fans, put in a lot worse performance.

What a bunch of moaners we have become. The first half was low key and the cresendo of booing at half time could be attributed to the dismal performance of the referee.

However the second half was dire. No attempt was made to raise the teams morale, to “get behind them”.

Instead the frustration felt by all was soon transmitted to the players. Every mis-placed pass was serenaded by screams and every square ball was greeted with the helpful advice to “get it forward”.

When the third went in there was a mass exodus from all corners of the ground. There was still time on the clock for a comeback but many had seen enough.

What happened to supporting the team? Do we only do this when we win games?

Bear in mind that we started,and ended, the day in second place. We have played all of our rivals and none of them are better than the Town. Hasn’t this team earned the right to have an off day?

Of course teams of old have felt the harsh tongue of the Wrexham faithful. However when they left the ground that was it until the following Saturday. Nowadays everyman is an expert and the internet gives hom a platform to vent his frustrations.

Within minutes of our defeat the cognoscenti were favouring us with their opinions.

“Clarke and Ormerod are pure ****e” and “He (Joe) still has the touch of an elephant, but if Little could teach him how to trap a ball and then hold onto it, he’d become a good midfielder”.

Clever clogs, trying to impress their mates with how wise and insightful they can be. That kind of poison will stay up in the stratosphere until the internet dissolves, probably by an overdose of dickhead bile.

We have to ask which player has ever improved under a shower of abuse from ill informed idiots ?

And of course we wonder why players show little loyalty to their clubs. Why they are happy to depart for a tenner a week more. It seems that teams are not allowed to lose games any more without the outcome being hugely significant and giving armchair arseholes the platform to dispense bile.

Not everything is significant boys and sometimes teams have an off day without the players being lower than scum.

Enjoy the game,get behind them and lets have a bit more proper support than we saw on Saturday.

By the way, we thought Joe had a decent game on Saturday.

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