The JCP View: Southport (FA Cup)

Wrexham 2-0 Southport
FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round
20th October, 2012
Racecourse Ground

The headline has to be “Devine inspiration” … sorry, we’ll apologise for that one, unless it appears in the Daily Post or the Leader in which case JCP will claim it!

A ho hum victory over a limited Southport side turned into a quite special day for the Town by the final whistle as we are in the hat for the 1st round of the FA Cup with plenty of positives to take from the match.

1.Wrexham win and are #56 in the hat on Sunday lunchtime.


3. No replay on a windswept northern coastline.

4. Brett gets his first which will lead to many more. Dean shows Bale how its done.

5. Young Devine completes a fault free debut.

6. No injuries.

7. We get the opportunity to watch a “skilled clinician” attempt to replace a dislocated shoulder.

8. Young Rushton will be pleased with his contribution to helping JOE set up Bretts clincher.

But, as ever, there will always be some negatives:

1. The game should have been over by half time.

2. There didn’t appear to be a match sponsor … like last week.

If Soupthport had started the game like they finished it then they may have got something. As it was they didnt really deserve anything for their efforts. Their plans were disrupted by an early injury and they never really looked in the game after that.

The shoulder guy received generous applause from the MRS tifosi but that may have just been relief that they were carting him off from the makeshift A & E on the touchline.

Your shoulder set up is remarkably similar to an Action Mans shoulder in that it needs to be pulled out a bit to snap back into place. Watching the sponge guy attempt this delicate action made for cringe viewing.

Onward and upward , Braintree is the next port of call … hopefully.


One thought on “The JCP View: Southport (FA Cup)

  1. I have to be honest, I would swap all of last season’s FA Cup exploits for a place back in the Football League. Having said that, I reckon we can beat Alfreton and look forward to being one game away from a “big” tie!!

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