Ask $tephanie

Ask Stephanie BoothObviously we are all devastated that everyone’s preferred bidder, Stephanie Booth, didn’t get to take over the club using the money stumped up by the fans but we’ve got the next best thing.

Stephanie has graciously offered us the benefit of her years of experience in business and life with a regular ‘Ask Stephanie’ section.

Dear Stephanie,
We are looking to do a concert in Wales as we know there are lots of Quo fans there. Is there a venue you can suggest?
F Rossi, Status Quo

Dear Status,
Sadly my deal to takeover Wrexham FC failed on a technicality so I am unable to offer you the use of the magnificent Racecourse Arena. The next best stadium in Wales is called the Millennium Stadium and I believe it is very good although the price of chips is extortionate.
Keep on rockin’

Dear Stephanie,
I have recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance caused by years of eating too much bread. It is difficult to spend hours in the council chamber when you are flatulent. Can you suggest a delicious, cheap and nutritious alternative to my beloved sandwiches?
Cllr Buttyface, Subway

Dear Cllr,
Have you considered chips for a quid?

Dear Stephanie,
Please could you send me some photos of the ‘Passionettes’ cheerleaders? It gets awful lonely in here after lockdown.
P Retout, Pentonville Prison

Dear Mr Retout,
Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the ‘Passionettes’ left as I put them on eBay to alleviate a temporary cash flow problem my business empire was enduring. I can, however, send you a few pictures of myself. You can keep one for personal use and use the others as currency to barter with the other inmates. I would also be grateful if you asked the governor to give me a call. I have a proposition for him regarding the prison catering arrangements that I think you’ll love.


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