Macc attack

In the latest issue of JCP we mentioned the gossip around the ground when we visited Macclesfield earlier in the season.

It appears that one-time Wrexham suitor Colin Poole is interested in a takeover of some kind at Macc. Of course it could all be malicious gossip but, well, you know …

For a start, Poole already has his inside man in the shape of jug eared oaf, Jon Harris. The current owners are unpopular and are at odds with the fanbase.

Macc are looking to sell the Moss and move to a stadium out of town. The only thing missing is a dickhead local councillor prepared to advance his claims.

A few weeks ago Macc were trying to sign Heskey and we have to ask how that is possible on gates of 50 and a dog?

Now it seems Jon Harris has tried to put his dodgy past behind him with a Q&A session on the Macclesfield Town website.

The sycophantic nonsense can be read here but the question we really loved was the last one, so we’ve decided to print it out here for you all to enjoy!

There have been a few unfair rumours about you personally that seem to have followed from previous clubs. What can you say to put these to bed?

“If anyone would like to ask me about my roles at Shrewsbury Town and Wrexham, my reasons for leaving them or my employment history prior to that, then they only have to ask. If they have concerns about any of the rumours and inventions that have done the rounds, then they can email me privately on and I will answer them.”

So he’s not willing to put those “rumours” to bed unless you’re willing to send him your email address, then.

We’ll keep you posted …

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