The JCP View: Alfreton Town (FA Cup)

Wrexham 2-4 Alfreton Town
FA Cup 1st Round
3rd November, 2012
Racecourse Ground

Wembley dreams lie fading in the gutter of despair which is full of rain as well.

Oh dear, it all started so well, unless you were still queueing to get in.

Perhaps Glyndwr could have a rethink on cash games because in the 15 minutes we stood outside we didnt clock one “Over 80” use their exclusive “Over 80” turnstile.

Alfreton weren’t rubbish and cheered on by a couple of hundred vocal backwoodsmen they slowly fought back from the early setback.

We gave them too much of the ball and forgot to pass it around.They eventually got an equaliser from a free kick that was a bit dodgy. The ball skidded in front of Jos and the rebound was snatched by one of the two Alfreton forwards who reacted quickest.

The game turned on a terrible decision when Jos was sent off by a ref who had lost it. The Alfreton player was a disgrace to the game. We were dialling Interflora for a wreath when we saw him collapse. It transpired that Jos brushed past him when trying to set up a breakaway.

The JCP cogniscenti have never seen such a bad decision and perhaps the ref realised it as well. A few minutes later the #10 was off himself for another powder puff tackle. There was no consistency in the decision making, he let some things go and punished others. It created a growing frustration around the ropes.

We gifted them a third and although a Danny Wright gem hinted at a revival Alfreton would not be denied and after wrapping up the game with a fourth it was game over.

There was some slight pleasure in seeing the #21 given marching orders for outrageous incitement. However we love a bit of attitude and , lets face it, it was his cup final.

Under par on the pitch, the poor performance was matched by the North Wales tifosi who sat mute until we scored the second.

Six goals, three red cards and two penalties – and one twerp with a whistle.

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