The JCP View: Hereford

Wrexham 1-2 Hereford United
Blue Square Premier League
Racecourse Ground

It’s very difficult to dress this up as anything other than disappointing. We didn’t play well and yet we still had chances to win a game which was both disjointed and difficult to watch.

It would be diffcult to point to any one of our players, bar one, who were on their game and it is difficult to put your finger on any single reason for it.

Hereford got the early goal from another free header and then spent the majority of the game pinned back in their own half.

We got one back through Steven Wright and to all intents and purposes it looked a shoe-in that we would go on and win.

However this was not to be and the meatheads grabbed a late winner from another free header in the box. It was a big opportunity missed after both Newport and Luton losing and it looks like this may be the pattern of the season.

You could point to the fact that we had a few players missing but we are not sure that any one individual could have lifted a team that seemed out of sorts with itself.

Lets hope that things can be rectified before the Heed visit next week.

At least we could sit comfortably knowing that several thousand of the North Wales Constabulary were on site to protect us from the savage visiting peasants snoozing peacefully in the Yale Stand.

And finally …

Once again the referee makes a show of himself by booking Joe for taking an “early” free kick. You have to wonder what level of idiocy is at work here.

The “offence” took place about half an hour after the ineffectual ref started to organise the defensive wall. We imagine the “offence” falls under some catch all timewasting rule but it just seems absurd to penalise this and allow the visitors all manner of opportunities to wind the clock down.


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