The JCP View: Gateshead

Wrexham 1-1 Gateshead
Blue Square Premier League
Racecourse Ground

It’s strange to be grateful for a point when we should really have cinched all three but the way things have been going recently one almost expected a late winner for the visitors.

We didn’t play particularly well but we should have had the game wrapped up by the time the half-time pints were being pulled in the Cent.

Harris and Ormerod tested the visitors’ keeper on several occasions but we were facing yet another side content with sticking men behind the ball and hitting us on the break.

Our goal, when it came, was a peach.

There was much discussion at JCP Towers as to Danny Wright’s through ball – was it meant or was it a miss hit pass – but young Nick Rushton’s finish was tremendous.

The way he shaped his body before placing the ball in the corner belied his tender years and shows we have unearthed yet another gem.

Unfortunately, when their goal came, it was even more of a peach and possibly one of the best goals we’ve seen at the Racecourse … since Mark Hughes’ goal v. Spain.

Once again the refereeing at this level left a lot to be desired.

He seemed to be quite happy to have a word with the Gateshead players after each and every foul, but then Joe was booked for his first foul early in the second half and then Keates was shown a yellow for querying how on earth he had missed two nailed on penalties.

And so to those penalties. If the first player was given the benefit of the doubt for an accidental handball, then how on earth the second player got away with leaning into the path of the ball with his arm is beyond any reasonable football fan …

… rubbish refs are the bane of this league.

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