Transparency ,Common Sense and Accountability.

Here is a tangible benefit of community ownership. This week the club held an AGM to present financial details of the first year free of the Moss junta.

A generation of supporters has grown up without any conception of a club AGM. Over a decade has passed since the owners of the club saw fit to present the clubs financial affairs to the people who actually fund the club.

Of course, when the main business of the owners is actually asset stripping the club of its assets their reticence is understandable.

This weeks AGM represents another huge step in sweeping away the corrupt era of Moss,Roberts,Dickens,Marek,Harris and Co.

Having stripped the club of anything worth having, our former benefactors can now retire to the shadows, where they belong, to count their ill gotten booty.

Of course the current board are still having to deal with the aftermath of their car crash ownership but we will cover that in our analysis of the figures at a later date.

For now, let us rejoice in the fruits of being owned by people of integrity (you and me) and give thanks that so many people made such an effort to make it so.

Quite how our hard working board manage to run a football club without any of the necessary experience (director bans, disqualifications, bankruptcies) is something we can all ponder.


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