The JCP View: Gainsborough

The Trinity will wonder how they got away with just conceding 3 goals this afternoon. We can barely recall a game where we made so many chances, but,having said that,we got three and that should be enough to see the Town make an historic first trip to Wembley.

Trinity looked a bit overawed from the start and the Town were soon in control with Wrighty netting from a spilled Ormerod chance.At that stage it looked like we would go on to score a hatful.

But we didnt. The ” Pride of Lincolnshire” weathered the storm and rallied with the big lump Deviant #10 putting himself about to good effect. Effort brings its own reward and Stamp eventually equalised with a well placed header – Game on.

Level at half time and it was a proper cup tie rather than a walkover.

The second half saw us create chance after chance but it was not until the introduction of Adrian that we were able to convert chances to goals. A spark of inspriation from the flying Pole nudged us ahead and a few minutes later Neil Ashton incresed the advantage from a corner.

The Trinity looked out on their feet at this stage and earlier frustrations had given way to a contented ambiance around the terraces. Wrexhamites dared to dream about a possible trip to Wembley .

Maybe so, but there is still a job to be done at Gateshead on tuesday and in Lincolnshire next weekend.

Champagne Moment: Joe chases a lost cause and sets up the best chance of the game for Ogleby. #comittment

JCP Man of the Match: For another masterclass in getting it down and passing it to a red shirt … we have no hesitation in awarding the famous prize to our very own Joe Clarke.

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