The JCP View: Alfreton

After a week of unbridled optimism this one brought us back down to earth. A failure to take chances saw us draw a game that we should have won four or five times over.

Debuts for Adebloa and Artell and a home debut for Thornton saw the spine of the side change and it was perhaps inevitable that there would be some dislocation. All three new boys can take some satisfaction from solid debuts.

Artell looked solid at the back and Adebola made a nuisance of himself up front, most noticably when winning the header for Thorntons majestic opener. Thornton made a great impression and Harris will have a big job to get back his place. All three will improve with more game time.

We created enough chances to win several games and it is a huge disappointment that we could not take advantage.

Overall the team were off colour yesterday and their performance was matched by those of us in the stands. No singing ,no encouragment and a chorus of abusive shouting from people, some of whose voices should not be heard.

Yes it was frustrating, but, but, but, would it not have been more effective to shout encouragement in order to lift the team? Who knows it may have lifted them when the going got tough.

I think our Top of the Table, FA Trophy finalists deserve to be cut a little slack for an off key performance and hope that our support matches the effort our lads put in.


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