Pirate’s choice

Over the next few weeks you will see them shuffling into town; a troupe of scruffy pedlars with a stolen Tesco trolley full of Wrexham merchandise.

You will see them in every town that has a successful football team.These guys move around from town to town and event to event chasing a living.

Please dont buy anything off these people. They put nothing back into our club. Everything that they sell is actually money away from our club.

You may feel that our attitude is a bit churlish and that these people havea right to make a living; well so do the people employed by our club.

The money we make from our FAT experience will safeguard their jobs and may create others next year.

Club commercial chief Steven Cook stated: “I would like fans to be aware of rogue traders. Make sure you buy directly from the club. If you buy merchandise unofficially the club wont see a penny.”

We do not want to see our managers budget reduced. We do not want to see our Centre of Excellence closed. And we would quite like to see our hard pressed administrative team strengthened.

Feeding the leeches will not help this happen.

In the run up to the LDV final we enjoyed the site of one of these people being chased down the Mold Road after seeing his tat tipped over the railway bridge. Of course we are not advocating this type of direct action … but …


3 thoughts on “Pirate’s choice

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