Wrexham AFC – Direct benefit to our Town

Getting us all to Wembley involves a massive logisitics operation and we have to pause for a second and applaud the energy and enterprise of our club in organising no less than 51 pick up points for the trip to Wembley.

What a labour intensive and complicated piece of work this is and it is by far the most ambitious undertaking we have ever been involved with.

We are aware that every coach within 50 miles of the Town has been requisitioned for the purpose of transporting the Red Army with the club itself hiring around 50 coaches and countless other independant trips being planned.

The JCP found it impossible to hire a bus locally and we were forced to approach a Coach Hire firm from Merseyside in order to mount our expedition.

During this process we received several quotes for 50+ seaters and the majority were within the £1200 to £1400 range.

It got us all thinking. 50 coaches at an average of £1300 each comes to the huge sum of £65,000 all spent with local companies who employ local drivers and local mechanics.

Its not bad for a days work as I am sure you will agree.

Its a massive boost to our local economy and a massive boost to those companies concerned. Here is a direct benefit, to the Town, of having a succesful football team.

We are sure that there will be many other side benefits and we would urge local companies to approach the club with their suggestions.

During the struggle to save our club it was often voiced, by the ignorant, that the club added little to the local economy and that it should not receive any public money or support. Here is the tangiable evidence that Wrexham AFC delivers on many different levels.


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