Mixed feelings about Mansfield

We have mixed feelings about Mansfields victory. On the one hand their fans have been screwed about almost as much as we have and deserve some good news.

On the other hand this is the third season out of four that the BSP has been bought by a sugar daddy type and its credibility as a sporting competition is in tatters.

Mansfield have debts of £4m, mainly to its owner, and unless Mr Radford converts his debt to equity it seems impossible to see a way that they could ever repay it. Mr Radford is obviously a fan and that should be some comfort to the Stags faithful.

However the message is clear. If you are willing to bet the farm you can buy success at this level. It is the antithesis of fair play and needs to stop.

We can remember the shenanigans from last season when the detested Fleetwood dragged football to a new low. Not content with buying promotion with debt they also used debt to undermine clubs like ourselves by trying to destabilise opposition squads.

Why that should be rewarded with success is baffling to us.

The answer to all of this is very straightforward.

Directors loans should only be allowed on a short term basis and with a signposted route to repayment which protects the club and its assets. If it can’t be done on those terms then it should not be allowed to happen.

If this rule had been in place during the rape of Wrexham then we would still own the Racecourse.

See you all on Tuesday!


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