An AGM agenda to be applauded

This years Trust AGM looks like being a low key event , devoid of controversy and drama and it’s Amen to that I suppose.

To start with we have 6 worthy candidates for 5 vacancies on the Trust board.

We would be happy with any of them representing our interests and we suspect that the unlucky 6th candidate will be co-opted on to the board after a respectable period.

This seems to be the common sense approach. We are not so well served with volunteers to be able to turn away the wiling.

Moving on to the proposed seven resolutions it is surely significant that all seven are proposed by the Board of the Society and that there are none proposed by the membership.

In some respects this is a great pity. The AGM is the platform to let off steam and a members chance to have a real say in the direction of the Trust.

We are aware that the internet is groaning under the weight of opinion regarding the running of the club and the WST. Strange that none of this should be channeled into the appropriate forum for debate ?

The seven resolutions seem to be common sense proposals and more akin to housekeeping than taking the WST in any particular direction.

Resolution A relates to putting a process in place to appoint a President or Vice President.

This is to be applauded. We only have to hark back a few years to see previous owners hand out these baubles for dubious acts of loyalty. In particular the appointments of Pryce Griffiths and Dr Marek do not bare scrutiny.

Resolutions B and C propose a qualifying period for prospective board members and their proposers.

Once again it is hard to see who could object to this measure. The aim of the measure is to make it more difficult for gazumpers to join the board. 90 days is not a huge length of time and the measure does not offer total protection. However it does recognise the need for such protection and is a welcome step in the right direction.

We would prefer a 12 month period in all honesty but no doubt we will get there some day.

Resolution D calls for good manners when writing a candidate profile in that we should not be showing disrespect to fellow candidates.

Of course there are more subtle ways of dissing the opposition without creating any nastiness. Members of the Society are by nature deeply conservative (small C) and do not like a mess on the carpet.

Resolution E gives members the opportunity to overturn one of Geoff Moss’s most high handed acts, the removal of Association from our name.

Moss did this without consultation and on a whim. His reasoning was that his beloved Liverpool had no need for Association so why should little Wrexham ? Well done to the current board of WST for giving members the chance to reject one of Geoffs diktats. We have been non league since becoming FC and maybe a return to AFC normality will help change our fortunes. We have no money so we need all the karma we can get.

Resolution F calls for us to increase the membership to those under 16

Membership would not give the kids voting rights, however we would like to think that we could see them voting on issues that directly relate to them. A Juniors AGM would be a great introduction to the wonders of democracy.

Resolution G cancels the right of the WST board to nominate or second candidates for election.

Marvellous stuff. It is not very often that those in power vote to restrict that power.It also destroys the slur that the WST board are a clique and a closed shop.

There are other issues relating to elections that could be addressed. The candidate profiles should cover a bit more ground than they currently do. We would like to know how long that candidates have been members of the Society, what they intend to achieve, what they like about the WST activities and what they think could be improved.

Better information would enable us to make a better, and more informed, decision.

Anyway we are all looking forward to this years event and would urge all members to participate by at least voting in the election and on the resolutions.


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