Alfreton Review

A better performance than the previous outing against Nuneaton and it looks like things are moving in the right direction.

Alfreton are not the side that did so well last season and they have yet to pick up a point.

Akinde has gone to Barnet and Chris isnt there any more. based on yesterdays display they are going to struggle this time.

Despite going behind in the first few minutes the Town were comfortable winners. We responded with 3 quick goals from Moult,Hudson and, best of all, Jennings and cruised through the game until we let them back in late in the second half.

It wasnt a thriller but there were several talking points that came up.

The Alfreton fans are whinging about Moults goal without reason. The goalie kicked the ball against him whilst he had his back turned. A one in a million goal from a real poacher.

Moult later let himself down for getting booked after partaking in a tongue pulling competition with the Alfreton number 5. At 3-1 up away from home it was the height of stupidity and we hope he learns to keep out of this sort of nonsense.

The ref booked a few but then again he should have booked the Alfreton right back after he chopped down a goal bound York. There didnt seem to be any consistency in his card waving.

£18 to stand on a windswept terrace is a bit of a cheek.

We played with a lot of confidence in the first half and really should have gone on and buried them. Our passing was good and we were able to get the ball wide on several occasions, one leading to Jennings goal. Our feeling is that we are not quite there yet but a series of victories like this will build our confidence for sterner battles.

Theo looks a bit of a handful when he comes on late and there seemed to be a conscious effort to play him in as much as possible.

It was a good trip and the “Impact Arena” is a nice place to watch football on a sunny day in August. Not so in the winter.

Champagne Moment – Hudsons headed goal from a corner. We have a real threat from set pieces these days.

Man of the Match – We will let the Alfreton keeper explain our decision.

” As I was winding up to kick it I noticed the Wrexham #6 moving into the area I was aiming at. It put me off my stride. We had been told to keep the ball away from him because of his reputation as their main man and, of course – that goal . I lost focus and was in two minds and thats when I mishit it and they scored.”

Yes, for his influence on the pitch our MOTM is Joe Clarke.

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