In Praise Of Louis Moult

We think that we have got a real player here.

In fact he is as good, if not better, than any of the forwards we have had since we fell into the conference.

He is more physical than Mangan and scores more goals than Wright, we think he could do a job at the next level and we are lucky to have him.

Of course it is early days in his Wrexham career but from what we have seen he is big strong and fast. He has a big physical presence and holds the ball up well, defenders seem to back off him which gives him time or they dive in, commit the foul and we move on.

For the first time since Danny Wright left the ball is sticking up there. He is not as quick as Speight but he can get from A to B in a decent time and he is not afraid to have a shot. Three goals in six games is a decent return in a team that is not yet firing and he is already on course for a 20 goal season.

At this point he is probably the first name on the team sheet , after Joe, and it seems to be imperative that we find a system that makes the most of his talents. Get it wide and get the early crosses in is the ticket and both he, and Bish, would benefit from this approach.

We suppose that we can thank Kevin for his presence here. In any walk of life people enjoy working with those who develop their skills and footie is no different to that.

We would imagine that there will be clubs looking at him and its a bit of a ponder that a League club never came in for him whilst he plied his trade at Nuneaton. Maybe it was because they were an “unfashionable” club ?

Well that is no longer the case.

Perhaps clubs were concerned about his discipline. The only downside to his game is his ability to pick up soft yellow cards. At Alfreton he picked up a card for wrestling with their centre half. It was awful. We were winning easily and he should have just walked away.

Against Woking he was booked for chopsing at the ref. These ridiculous cards will hit us in November when he picks up his first ban. We hope that his mentor has a word and that this is sorted out.

That aside, the only potential issue on the horizon is a league club buying him off us!  Not the worst problem to have by any means.

So, well done Louis. A great start to your Wrexham career and we know that there is more to come.

Let us hope that promotion next spring will elevate you to Icon status.


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