Winging It: A Welling Match Report

Well that was one of the more frustrating afternoons spent watching the Town.

Another part time outfit roll up and “park the bus” and we huff and puff but struggle to break them down.

Welling looked to be a limited outfit but they took their chance well and having been given a chip in the game they fought like tigers to defend their lead.

Time and again we faced 10 men behind the ball and that never makes for a free flowing spectacle.

The nuts and bolts of it is that Welling took a first half lead and fought to keep it against an increasingly frustrated Wrexham.

I missed their goal as I was busy texting a friend as follows.

“Crap game, wont be buying the DVD”

The second half was another dreary spectacle and we reckon our first shot came from Durrell on the hour mark. The sending off seemed to tip the game in our favour and 2 goals in 2 minutes got us off the hook.

So three points was a relief but there are real issues for Mr Wilkin to sort out.

It was probably the worst performance of the season in our opinion and it looks to be a very difficult task in charting the evolution of the team from the start of the season. We have some talented footballers at the club but we are not getting the best from them.

Too often our midfield are faced with a choice of four tightly marked , and static, forwards to aim at. It makes for pretty grim viewing.

The tactical nuances tend to fly over my head. I am unsure if we are playing a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 or a mixture of these and other systems. It’s a bafflement and that’s for sure.

What I do know is that when TBJ came on we had width and pace and the game changed. The youngster has come on a lot over the summer and he has pace and aggression to spare. His final ball isn’t always the thing but that will come.

The few goals we have scored this season have tended to come from crosses whipped in from the wings. Our stand out performer has been Moult but the boy has been feeding on scraps so far. We need to give him more opportunities.

Play TBJ and York and tell them to hug the touchlines, the crosses will rain in and the goals will flow. We should also see our full backs given some protection as well.

Win one lose one will not get us into the play offs. We need to start stringing some results together to climb the table and arrest the slide in attendances.

Champagne Moment – Joe picks up the ball outside the box and spots a Welling defender in the keepers eye-line. He aims an unstoppable shot at the player and gets the deflection he was trying for to make it 2-1 to the town. Sublime does not do it justice but perhaps transcendent does.

God bless you Joe.


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