Club in Crisis – Hereford United

Another visit to court for the Bulls and another adjournment. We think it might be the eighth adjournment to date.

On their last visit to court the clubs thuggish owners claimed that they had £1.5m investment lined up but , as you might have guessed, this claim proved as substantial as every other claim these lying gits have made since taking over the club and relegating it two divisions .

In today’s hearing they played the abusive fans card so beloved of Geoff Moss. We wont bother you with the detail . Basically the investor had been scared off by a few brutal e mails from Bulls fans.


Havent we all seen the sickening site of a fat faced little bully boy claiming victim status ?

Anyway , cometh the hour cometh the man and at the darkest ebb a saviour stepped forward in the ample shape of the clubs Chairman , convicted fly tipper Andy Lonsdale.

Mr Lonsdale will pony up the necessary and his cash would be backed by guarantees by a company called European Finance Guarantee Ltd. We will come back to this company in a little while.

In the mean time it is worth noting that the clubs nominal owner, Alpha Finance , did not make any offer to settle the clubs obligations and in fact it is not known if the “owners” were represented in court today.

That cannot be said of the clubs previous “owner” Mr Tommy “trucks” Agombar. The convicted lorry hijacker was present and held long discussions with the legal team representing the club.

We have to applaud this gentleman’s concern for his former club. A few months back Mr Agombar fell foul of the F.A.s “ODT” test and was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to be involved in the affairs of the Bulls.

However since that sad day Mr Agombar has been a prominent figure at Hereford games and has even taken the trouble to share his views ,pitch side , with the underpaid youths who comprise the current squad.

Such devotion to the club is inspiring and it is sad to state that the Edgar St tifosi continue to sneer at Tommys willingness to pitch in.

Lets go back to European Finance Guarantee Ltd.

They are listed as “dormant” at Companies House.

The company has two listed directors – Carlo Pallone and Francisco Vila Botella.

These characters are also directors of EuroFin Securities Ltd.

This is the company that sold Leeds United to its current owner Signor Massimo Cellino.

It’s a small world aint it ?

You may remember that those churls at the FA had some objections to Signor Cellinos take over at Leeds. It was claimed that he had close links to certain Italian social and cultural organisations.

We say that nothing was proven and let that be an end to it.

In light of all of this nonsense the more discerning Bulls supporters are now reflecting on their long held views of the thuggish low lifes who now guide their clubs affairs.

Where it was once felt that they were in it for the development potential at the club. That view is now laughed at in all the best drinking dens of the old City.

Most folk now believe that it is a money laundering play with a possible development as the “Brucie Bonus”

Sad times indeed at one of our old rivals.


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