The Joe Clarke Five … part 1

They went for free:

So who are they, those players who enthralled us, delighted us … and then left us without a single penny in recompense.

Who are the players on whom we lavished praise, sang their names from the rooftops (or from the Kop anyway), and then watched them leave to delight and enthrall another set of fans … for free?

These are our choices, but feel free to disagree!

1. Jon Walters
He was offered less by Denis and so he walked for nothing to the Valley of Despair. He soon escaped to proper football though and is now a Premiership regular with potteries primitives Stoke City.

2. Carlos Edwards
Chalk up another crime by the Lutonians. Another Wrexham gem flew the nest as the elegant Flynnidadian left for regular wages – paid on time and in full.

3. Lee Trundle
A breathtaking talent and certainly the most Orange player we have ever had. Lee soured his departure by messing Denis around throughout the summer whilst his spiv agent was trying to set up a better deal, which ended up being a club in a lower division.

4. Dean Saunders
Contrary to speculation there was a compensation clause in Deano’s contract.It was just that Mr Moss chose not to invoke it as he considered the needs of his golfing buddy, Dean, and his neighbour, Donny owner John Ryan, before those of the near bankrupt football club he owned. What a guy!!

5. Tom Taylor
An enigma wrapped in a puzzle. Tom’s best work was so subtle that its brilliance was lost on most of us. His departure is still wreathed in the chilly mists of conjecture. However one thing that is certain is that no money changed hands on this occasion.