The Joe Clarke Five … part 3

They played with facial hair:

With plenty of Wrexham fans taking this month’s Movember campaign as an excuse to grow an upper lip attachment we decided to draw up a list of our favourite moustachioed Robins.

To be honest, the 70s being the 70s there were more to choose from than we actually thought, but her are our choices … feel free to disagree!

1. Mel “Melfyn” Pejic
A cracking moustache which didn’t just serve Wrexham well as a solid defensive partner to the non-moustachioed Tony Humes but also as the carrier of the magic sponge and as father of the too-oft maligned Shaun.

2. John Paskin
Paskin’s moustache was well travelled, almost exoctic, by comparison to most Wrexham players’ facial hair having spent several seasons on Paskin’s top lip in South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Belgium and West Bromwich before arriving at The Racecourse. Despite spending most of his time at Wrexham on the bench, Paskin’s goals were a vital part of the 92/93 promotion campaign.

3. Jon “Animal” Bowden
A £12,500 buy from Port Vale by manager Dixie McNeil, Animal (nicknamed for his scrawny looks rather than his combatitive style) netted 20 odd times in a red shirt. Bowden and his moustache eft the club under Brian Flynn’s reign after playing 147 times for the Robins. His ‘tache was as unkempt as his appearance.

4. Wayne Cegielski
Special mention must go to Wayne Cegielski for going above and beyond the call of duty going from clean shaven and fresh faced on his arrival from Tacoma Tides in the USA to having an untrimmed and unkempt beard by the time he left us for Port Vale six years later.

5. Bobby Shinton
Probably the best moustache and bubble perm combo to ever grace the Racecourse, Shinton’s partnership with Mel Sutton and his goals were a big part of Wrexham’s ‘double’ winnig season in 1977/78. Not many moustaches have won both the Third Division championship and the Welsh Cup in the same season.